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Cage cleaning!

Well, the best job of the weekend! My cages and rat toys are scrubbed every weekend. I usually have some willing (sometimes, depends on how much ) helpers in the form of my partner (long suffering) and daughters.
I use hot soapy water with tap a drop in it, give everything a good scrub and then rinse. During the week I spot clean often using baby wipes..
My boys are a lot cleaner and I have less of their poops to clean up!
Food bowls are filled as required but I try and make them eat everything, usually it is the flat peas from the alpha herbal they leave. Supper bowls are taken out before I go to bed, everything has usually gone by then anyway.


Mmm, oatibix and soya milk.

The rats here are fed a diet based closely on Alison Campbells "Shunamite diet".
The basic mix is Alpha Herbal with various other bits added, such as unsugared cereal, dried pasta, Burns dog kibble and some rat nuggets. Other things are added in small quantities, they could be, dried cranberries/blueberries, pumpkin seeds, the odd few banana chips, carob and sometimes a bag of xtra vital rat food. I make the mix a bit different each time to stop boredom, after all, you would soon become fed up eating muesli everyday!
Every evening supper is provided. Once a week on sundays they have salmon and scrambled eggs. Most nights it is a combination of fruits and veg and of course the obligatory curly kale. Rats also enjoy cooked rice, pasta, tuna in oil, butter beans,chick peas and sweetcorn just to name a few.
Rats like a variety of food, and fresh fruit and veg is better than feeding sweet treats like choccy buttons!
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