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Kitten Application Form.

Rats have a life expectancy of approximately 2-3 years, and as such represent quite a commitment. I am responsible for bringing these rats into the world and feel it is my duty to ensure they have the best possible homes that are fully aware of all health and care issues.
Please be honest with your answers to these questions, they are just as much for my benefit as they are for yours and most importantly the rats themselves.

Email Address
Telephone Number
Date of Birth (if under 18yrs)
Do you have permission to keep rats in your home?
Have you kept pet rats before?
Do you currently have rats? If yes how many and what sex are they
What sex/variety are you hoping for?
What food will you be feeding, including any supplements?
What would you use to cover the cage floor and in the litter tray?
What kind/size of cage do you have or intend to buy?
If you have other rats and are planning to introduce the kittens to rats you already have, how would you go about doing so?
If these babies are NOT show quality would that pose a problem?
Which vet are you registered with and for what medical reasons would you consider a vet necessary?
Are you a member of a rat club/society, If not would you be willing to join one?
Will you be the sole carer of these rat?
How much time (per day) will these rats spend in human company?
How much time (per day) will these rats spend outside of their cage?
Which room will the rats cages be placed in?
Have you bought rats from a breeder before? If yes who?
If you breed rats, what age do you consider to be optimum breeding age and how many litters would you think acceptable for a breeding doe during her lifetime?
Are you willing to visit these rats BEFORE taking them home?
Are you prepared to sign a contract on the sale of my kittens?
Do you have any rat related references you can give me? (i.e. vet, breeder etc). If yes please give details

Thank you for answering these questions. If I have any queries I will contact you by e-mail.

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