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Next Scottish Rat Club show is Saturday  9th June at Muriston village hall. Doors open 11am Judging starts 12pm sharp. All welcome. See the SRC link for more information.
Check your next club mag for more details. Latest rat chat due to arrive very soon!!!

SRC Official website.

The SRC now has an online forum for members, come and join us!

Welcome to Mayhem Rattery! My name is Karren Ralph and I live in Broughty Ferry, Dundee. Mayhem Rattery is a Registered Rattery with the Scottish Rat Club and National Fancy Rat Society. I also have an HND in Animal Care which I gained in June 2009.
My main aim first and foremost is to breed healthy, happy rat kittens, primarily as pets. I am keen to monitor the progress on all babies I have bred and keep upto date with their health and wellbeing. At Mayhem we have a no cull policy.
My rats are fed a diet based closely on the "Shunamite diet" and would encourage others to do so. Floor substrate is bed excel and litter trays currently yesterdays news.
Mayhem is a member of the SRC, NERS and NFRS.
I breed Martens, Russian Blue, Black, Agouti and other colours occasionally.
I have been keeping rats since january 2002 and breeding since 2004. My first rat "Basil" was from a pet shop, this was before I knew of breeders and shows.. I usually have between 25-35 rats at any given time. I keep all my rats in Explorers  and have various other cages which I use as and when. My rats all live in my sitting room which means I can see and speak to them even if they are not out playing. 
I now also own a Doodle-Shitz puppy called Dillon and a recent addition of a tropical fish tank!
If you email or phone me looking for kittens/rescues, please bear in mind I am not a "Rat Supermarket" and I do have a waiting list I also hold down a job and have 4 kids still at home. I do update the site regularly so please fill in the application form when enquiring.


Picture to the right is Neptune, a siamese dumbo.

Fuzzbutts Stellar

Above a picture of Stellar, a siamese doe.
Mayhem is not a registered stud name, but a means of recognising rats bred here.

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Please be sure to get in touch with any comments or reactions you have to my site.

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