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For latest baby on Ebay go to adoptions page for link.
Currently working on Amelia by Laura Lee Eagles, the first of Tinkerbell Creations kits.
Kits available and waiting for reborning,
Amelia by Laura Lee Eagles. Ltd Ed. 22 inch.
Florian by Petra Lechner. Ltd Ed. 22 inch.
Daisy by Bonnie Brown. Ltd Ed. 16 inch.
Ashton by Tamie Yarie. Ltd Ed.
Vaile by Michelle Fagan.
Charlotte. Simon Laurens (Discover Dolls) LTD Ed.
Melody, Adrie Stoete Schuiteman.
Jonathan by Adrie Stoete. 22 inch.
Summer Fairy by Shawna Clymer Ltd Ed.
Laura Marjorie Ltd Ed. 20 inch.
Felicia by Shawn Clymer Ltd Ed. Ready for adoption.
Devine by Tamie Yarie Ltd Ed.
Rose by Adrie Stoete. 18 inch.
Julie by Adrie Stoete. 18 inch.
Noelle by Adrie Stoete. 21 inch.
Cookie by Donna Rubert. 26 inch.
Precious Gift by Cindy Musgrove. 20 inch.
Sienna by Denise Pratt. 20 inch.
Nod (girl) by Donna Rubert. 18 inch.
Chloe by Ann Timmerman. 22 inch.
Alegra by Sandy Faber. 22 inch.
Kits arriving soon....
I also do micro rooting with the best mohair available, veins and capillaries can be added to baby if requested.
Earth Magnets are used to keep dummys and hair embellishments in place, these are very strong and care must be taken around electrical equipment and people with pace makers.