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I am now taking custom orders again.
Welcome to Rainbows End Nursery, I am a reborn artist based in Dundee, Scotland.
I have been reborning now for 6 years and have happy mums all over the world. I have recently been awarded a PRA*ISE Award for my babies and customer service.
On my site are babies reborned by myself, and other Artists from whom I have purchased babies for my own collection. I have always had a passion for dolls and have collected Barbies for many years.
I usually have reborns for sale, either through the site or ebay.
I also make custom reborns, please email me for more information. You can choose the kit, sex, hair and eye colour  from a large selection currently available or have your baby be a surprise. You can have milk bumps (milia) scratches, birthmarks or anything else that takes your fancy. I have recently been asked by a client to root a baby in hair that came from their own child, it was a great sucess and she is very happy, if you would like something similar it can be looked into.
Shipping world wide can be arranged.
To start your reborn of choice, I request that a 50 deposit (non refundable) the remainder is payable on completion.
I can also offer pre payment plans when needed.
I have a varied selection of kits in stock by various artists such as Tamie Yarie, Adrie Stoete Schuiteman, Olga Ouer, Romie Strydom ready to reborn. I can also source most current kits.

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Charlie, my first reborn.
Tinkerbell forum
When I first began reborning I used Berenguer 1/4 limbs and a Berjusa head. I initially used doll parts that were quite inexpensive just incase I mucked up, it's also a good Idea to pick up a few cheap dolls to practise paint techniques on even before painting your doll kit. I tried out acrylics to start with but found Genesis Heat paints to be easier to use.
All babies reborn here are filled with only the best materials, never any sand. I paint using genesis heat paints which give a good colour and won't rub or fade, these are painted on in many layers. I prefer to work in natural daylight and always hope the rain stays away! Most babies whatever limb type usually have a custom made jointed doe suede body which I believe gives a nice soft feel to them.
All arrive at their new home with blanket and cuddly toy to keep them warm on the journey to the new parent, and of course a Care and Birth Certificate. If requested baby can also have a magnetic dummy and bottle of fake formula.
Your reborn will also be wearing a beautiful Rainbows End bracelet, made with love.
Simply Reborn Artist Member